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Solar Pump System

No Battery off Grid System

Sandi Off Grid Solar Power System

Solar PV Grid-Connected Powre System

Product Name Where to Use Target Customers
Off Grid Pure Sine Wave Inverter
It's widely used for solar energy, wind turbine and other renewable energy systems, also suitable use in the mountains, pastoral, border, island, vehicles, ships and other areas without electricity which can provide and guarantee effective power supply.
The inverter can supply AC power to all kinds of electric equipment, air conditioners, electric motors, refrigerators, fluorescent lights, televisions, electric fans and other industrial power supply
North America: USA, Canada Europe: Italy, Germany, UK, France,Slovakia, Spanish,Romania. Oceania:Australia,Papua New Guinea. South America: Brazil, Eduardo,Dominica,Chile
Grid Tie Inverter
Grid Tie Solar Inverter convert renewable, advanced power (such as solar, wind, fuel cells, micro turbines, batteries ) into electrical power that can be used as a primary or backup power source for homes and small businesses to Industrial and utility applications
Solar Pumping Inverter
PV pumping system consists of four parts: PV array, PV pump inverter, three-phase AC pump and storage device. PV array absorb sunshine radiation energy and convert it into electrical energy, supply power for whole system
Single Phase to Three Phase Converter Power Phase converter is one of the most advanced AC to AC conversion products in the world which can convert ordinary single-phase power to industrial three-phase power.
It can solve production inconvenience because of some areas with the three-phase electric power restrictions, also solved some user requirements that can't apply for the three-phase electric because of space limitation.
Solar Charge Controller
Solar Charge Controller is a smart PV controller designed for off-grid PV power system. It has good running performance with LCD display and convenient operation. And also automatically control solar cell cut or connect ordinarily according to the change of battery voltage. This controller makes a full advantage of solar cell resource and also keep battery safe and reliable.
PV Combiner Box
1-28 strings
PV Array Combiner is used for the connected of PV inverter and PV array to lessen the cable for the connecting, easy to maintain and improve the reliability. PV array through the output of lightning protection device and breaker, it is easy for switching-in of PV inverter and improve the system safety and lessen the installing time.
Wind-Solar Hybrid Controller
With controller and dump load suitable for wind turbine and solar panel system
AC to DC Battery Charger intelligent high-frequency switch power supply modules with high efficiency and stability, small size and light weight. Equipped with RS-485 communication interface, easy to work with automation system, convert grid power to charge battery

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