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Off Grid Inverter
Now get quick and reliable power supply anytime of the day even without grid access with our innovative line of Off Grid Inverter. These inverters function without a utility grid in the form of unique and stand-alone solar solutions. With our smart range, we can cover all your electricity demand and need at nominal cost. This is because these systems operate without consuming hefty electricity bills.
Grid Tie Inverter
Grid Tie Inverter (GT) or utility-interactive inverters (UI) are structurally quite similar to their stand-alone (off-grid) counterparts but have many basic functional differences. These inverters analyse and test the grid and takes various grid conditions into consideration for making the operating decisions. Many people prefer installing these inverters as these are economically efficient and helps you make great savings on electricity.
Solar Pump Inverter
To meet your most challenging solar power needs, we bring forth an outstanding array of Solar Pump Inverter that are simpler and cleaner alternative to other engines and pumps that operates by consuming massive volumes of fuel. Inverters offered can be integrated with your existing pumps and works by directly converting solar power to AC power.
Solar Charge Controller
Solar Charge Controller we engineer are preferred because these are extremely efficient and keep the system costs lower as these charge controllers do not require diligent maintenance for smooth operation. These systems are designed to control the amount of power going into the battery bank from the solar array.
Wind Solar Hybrid Controller
Efficient and environmentally friendly in nature, Wind Solar Hybrid Controller we offer runs smoothly without calling for any maintenance and features a long lifetime. These hi tech systems are designed to control wind turbine power as well as the solar power at the same time at low cost.
AC to DC Battery Charger
AC to DC Battery Charger supplied from our end are optimized for matchless performance and deliver top notch service without requiring any maintenance. These battery charger models that we offer are superior in terms of functionality as compared to other inexpensively designed chargers and can also be customized at market competitive prices.
Photovoltaic Parts
In addition to well-designed solar panels and batteries, you also require leading edge Photovoltaic Parts and components (solar power equipment) for ensuring smooth and optimum functioning of your solar system. Our products are best suited for various types of systems and can operate without hiccups even when not maintained for years.
Isolation Transformer
Isolation Transformer we offer is made available in various watts and capacities. Designed to give direct current power isolation and serve both as step-up transformer or step-down transformer, these inverter models we offer are greatly used across various businesses and industries. Our best in class transformers are assured to be durable, safe and highly efficient.
Soft Starter and Frequency Inverter
Developed and tested as per international quality norms, Soft Starter and Frequency Inverter we offer keeps the power circulation system safe from over-burdening and helps unnecessary erosion of instruments by lessening the starting torque. These products are used on different variants of AC and DC engines and can also be customized to accommodate clients exact specifications.

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